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Water jet cutting is a fantastic tool that allow us to cut any material. Benefits of water jet cutting are many. Cold cutting, smooth edges and high accuracy. At Blanda, the versatility of equipment and experience is what sets us apart.

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Water Jet Cutting

When you need a quick turnaround, with a wide variety of materials, our water jet cutting service is ideal. We can cut virtually any material, including metals, composites, stone, plastics, glass and rubber. Characteristics of water jet cutting include superior edge quality, and no heat effects on your finished part.

Water Jet Cutting

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Because the water jet cutting process is controlled by CNC it is both highly accurate, and repeatable. Also, since no expensive tooling is required, water jet cutting is often ideal for either prototyping, or smaller runs of parts. We can cut a diverse range of materials with water jet cutting, both metallic, and non-metallic. 

Water Jet Cutting Benefits:

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• Fast
• No tooling required
• No burrs.  No secondary finishing needed
• Extremely accurate
• No heat affected zone (HAZ) – Minimized effects of heat on the intrinsic properties
• Ideal for prototyping
• Can cut virtually any material

Water Jet Cutting Applications:

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There are a number of applications that make water jet cutting the best choice for precision parts. A few include:
• Aerospace (titanium bodies, components, aluminum parts)
• Electronics (circuit boards)
• Heat sensitive, or delicate materials
• Metal stamping / tool & die
• Architectural – signs/decorative applications
• Parts prototyping

Water Jet Cutting Capabilities

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Parts to 48″ x 48″. Most materials.

Partial List Of Materials We Work With

Stainless SteelSteelAluminumPlasticsCopper
◘ 300 Series ◘ A2 ◘ 6000 Series ◘ PEEK ◘ Brass
◘ 400 Series ◘ H13 ◘ 7000 Series ◘ Nylon ◘ Bronze
◘ 17-4 PH ◘ P20 ◘ PVC
◘ Alloy 20 ◘ All Alloys ◘ ABSMonel
◘ Hot Rolled ◘ DelrinInconel
Titanium ◘ Cold Rolled ◘ Ultem 2300Hastelloy
◘ Grades 2,5,9 ◘ 1018 ◘ PolycarbNickel




Blanda employs a Trumph Laser to mark all metals, ceramics and more. Part numbers, barcodes, alpha-numeric serialization, graphics, and logos in over 200 shades of gray. Quantities: From 1 to 10,000 parts. 

Parts Finishing

With a trusted network of industry partners, we are able to coordinate all of your parts finishing needs from a single purchase order. Heat treating, painting, powder coating, plating, and more. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.


Quality tooling and fixturing are essential during the manufacturing process. They assist with the automation of manufacturing.  We specialize in designing and building tooling that’s designed to help simplify the manufacturing process, reduce costs, and shorten lead times.


Have a question about your machined parts or prototyping needs? Reach out to us today!