From Concept To Final Production

We know manufacturing. The benefit to you when you choose Blanda for your prototyping project is leveraging our decades of experience. Material selection, design, function, durability, we help companies simplify their design for the parts manufacturing process, and improve outcomes.

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Prototyping Services

The team at Blanda is well versed in the manufacturing process. We provide expert assistance in optimizing parts and assemblies for successful manufacturing runs, and product durability. We’ll closely examine your design and provide professional guidance to ensure your project is a success, from prototype to production.

Our Experience

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We have nearly 40 years of experience in helping engineers and manufacturers with the product development process. During this time, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge that allows us to help our customers bring products to market, or create optimized manufacturing ready prototypes. From project costing, material recommendations, design improvements to production, we are involved every step of the way. The team at Blanda is here to help you bridge the gap between concept and production.

Design for Manufacturability is a concept that helps to simplify the machining work, lower costs, and streamline the part manufacturing process.

CAD/CAM Software

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We utilize the leading CAD/CAM software in our industry and can work with virtually any file type. 


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Technologies used during the prototyping process are often different than technologies used during volume production runs of parts. We’ve invested in machining technology that is ideally suited to the prototyping process, including 5-axis machining, water jet cutting and wire EDM.

Ask us how we can help to simplify your design for ease of manufacturing!

Partial List Of Materials We Work With

Stainless SteelSteelAluminumPlasticsCopper
◘ 300 Series ◘ A2 ◘ 6000 Series ◘ PEEK ◘ Brass
◘ 400 Series ◘ H13 ◘ 7000 Series ◘ Nylon ◘ Bronze
◘ 17-4 PH ◘ P20 ◘ PVC
◘ Alloy 20 ◘ All Alloys ◘ ABSMonel
◘ Hot Rolled ◘ DelrinInconel
Titanium ◘ Cold Rolled ◘ Ultem 2300Hastelloy
◘ Grades 2,5,9 ◘ 1018 ◘ PolycarbNickel




Blanda employs a Trumph Laser to mark all metals, ceramics and more. Part numbers, barcodes, alpha-numeric serialization, graphics, and logos in over 200 shades of gray. Quantities: From 1 to 10,000 parts. 

Parts Finishing

With a trusted network of industry partners, we are able to coordinate all of your parts finishing needs from a single purchase order. Heat treating, painting, powder coating, plating, and more. Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered.


Quality tooling and fixturing are essential during the manufacturing process. They assist with the automation of manufacturing.  We specialize in designing and building tooling that’s designed to help simplify the manufacturing process, reduce costs, and shorten lead times.


Have a question about your machined parts or prototyping needs? Reach out to us today!