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 Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota Blanda Inc. is one of the most versatile contract manufacturers available today.  We’ve offered a variety of precision CNC machining and manufacturing services for more than 40 years. From prototype to short-run and production-runs of parts, no job is too big or too small for the team at Blanda Inc. We are one of the top machine shops in Minneapolis, and we work with companies across the globe, shipping our precision machined parts worldwide.

Looking for high volume machining? Prototyping services? From one part to 10,000 parts per month, we’ve got you covered.

We manufacture close tolerance machined parts, tooling, assemblies and special machines. Using ISO 9000 processes, we pledge to provide you with the close tolerance quality you expect from your machining partner.

Our Minneapolis-St. Paul machine shop provides the highest quality machining and manufacturing available, including: CNC Milling and Turning, Wire, Sinker and Small Hole EDM, Surface Grinding, Waterjet and Laser Marking services.

Dissatisfied with your local machine shops, but you’re not in Minnesota? Give Blanda a call! Our top quality machining is only a call away! We ship worldwide.

Whether you’re in need of a Minneapolis CNC machine shop or machining services across the globe, we can provide quality machined parts wherever you need them.

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Mechanical Engineers – Engineering Firms – Our team at Blanda is well-versed in working with mechanical engineers and engineering firms. We thrive on complex challenges, and are routinely called on by leading companies in need of contract manufacturing or machining for the computer industry, medical device machining, electronics machining and more. Need precision machining for a blood chemistry analyzer? Precision hard drive components? Give us a call!

In working with engineering firms, we understand the challenges you face, and how critical it is to find quality machine shops you can trust with your parts manufacturing needs. We can deliver the quality, parts accuracy and service that you deserve.

Industry Experience:

• Aerospace • Data Storage • Medical • Automotive • Energy • Food • OEM • Electronics • Military • Agriculture & MORE

CNC Machining

At Blanda Inc, we’ve assembled the finest machinists, and state of the art CNC machining equipment. We offer both expert CNC milling and CNC turning services.  As one of the leading CNC machining companies in Minnesota, we ship our precision parts worldwide. Built for accuracy and throughput, we can handle your high volume parts production needs. From a single machined part, to large quantity production machining, we can handle it all.

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Minneapolis wire EDM service

EDM Services

Blanda is the leading wire EDM shop in Minneapolis, and trusted by the best. Our wire EDM, sinker EDM and hole popping services are relied on by both our customers, as well as other Minneapolis machine shops who trust us with their EDM work. Our shop is well-equipped to handle your production EDM work. Learn more about EDM services here.

Water Jet Cutting

Whether you need Minneapolis waterjet cutting services, or elsewhere, our nationwide waterjet cutting services ensures fast, precision cutting for a variety of industries and applications. Different projects have different requirements, and our waterjet cutting services can handle extremely soft, and extremely hard materials, that are often difficult to handle with conventional machining techniques.

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CNC Grinding

Looking for precision grinding services? With our advanced software, and leading technology, we’re able to perform precision CNC grinding, or 3D surface milling on complex surfaces. Our precision CNC grinding can create the tightest tolerances and finest finishes available.

Production Machining

We are equipped to handle your high volume machining needs. With our Kitamura horizontal machining center, for example, we’re able to perform operations that typically take multiple machines and set ups. Benefits include shorter parts processing times, three sided machining, increased ability to machine difficult parts, on-machine deburring and more. By being able to perform complex parts machining with a single setup, we’re also able to pass savings along to you. Need high volume machining? Give us a call!   

High Volume Machining Services


what types of parts do you machine?

We manufacture all type of parts, fixtures and assemblies in sizes from a few thousandths to 40 inches. We can work from just an idea or from your CAD files and drawings.

what materials do you work with?

We work with most metals (stainless, aluminum, tool steels, titanium, and brass), and plastics (ABS, Delrin, Nylon, PVC, ULTEM Polycarbonate, PEEK,). For a more complete list, visit our Services page. One of our great strengths as a machining company is our versatility. Both in terms of equipment, and our quality machinists. If it's possible, we can handle it.

what industries do you work with?

We partner with many industries which includes design companies, medical, computer, OEM, electronics, automotive, food, agriculture, aerospace, and military. We work with a large number of national companies who you would recognize as leaders in their industries. 

Do you machine small lots or production runs?

We are well equipped to handle production runs of 100-10,000+ parts per month, or one of a kind and can help with ideas on the build.

i'm not in minnesota. will you ship machined parts to me?

We work with clients across North America, as well as internationally. Our facility is located in Eagan, Minnesota, just minutes from the Minneapolis, St. Paul airport, and we have numerous transit options available to ship machined parts to you wherever you are.

What about parts finishing services?

We've got you covered! We can provide multiple parts finishing options. Our in-house capabilities include tumbling, vapor blast, surface grinding and ultrasonic cleaning. For additional parts finishing requirements including blue anodizing, heat treating, painting and more, we've got trusted partners who we use to ensure your parts arrive exactly as required. With a single purchase order, we can deliver machined parts with your specific finish requirements, anywhere in the world!

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